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lluminating Bronzer
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Bright Sun Baked Bronzer

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lluminating Bronzer

Iridescent and illuminating bronzer for a radiant, bronzed look.
The texture, with its excellent blendability, allows an even application and an immediate release, made even more intense and homogeneous by the baking process of the powder, for an incredibly natural looking face.
The perfect combination of silky, lightweight powders of BRIGHT SUN BAKED BRONZER , 2/3 bronzer and 1/3 highlighter, enhances the skin’s luminosity. Delicately scented.
Dermatologically tested.
Apply the darker colour of BRIGHT SUN BAKED BRONZER all over your face for a sophisticated shimmer effect. Mix both colours for an even more radiant look, or use the brightening side to add highlights just where you want them.
Jojoba oil: a non-comedogenic vegetable oil extract from the seeds of the jojoba plant. Maintains the hydration of the epidermis and protects it from external influences such as air, sun and wind. Rich in B vitamins, vitamin E and fatty acids, it counteracts skin ageing, reducing and preventing the formation of lines.
Argan Oil: nourishing and protective