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Illuminating baked bronzer

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240 - 230
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Multi-dimensional brightening baked bronzer.

The light, silky texture contains a special blend of powders and pearls for a “natural bronzed” look: the powder gives skin an even colour  while the pearl creates a radiant effect.

Bright Blossom Baked Bronzer, delightfully perfumed, guarantees a sensation of comfort on your skin created by softening water lily extract.

Dermatologically tested.


Water lily extractemollient and softening for silky feeling skin

For an even bronzing effect, apply the sun bronzer all over your face with the Naj Oleari powder brush. For a sculpted look, apply only on the contours of your face, drawing a “3” starting from the middle of your forehead towards your temples, down your cheekbones and to your jawline