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Delicate micellar make-up remover

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Micellar water removes make-up ever so gently from your face, eyes and lips.

The micelles contained in the formula make it possible to remove all excess traces of make-up and sebum, deeply cleansing without harming your skin or damaging the hydro-lipid barrier, indispensable for protecting skin from harsh external factors.

A valuable ally that combines delicate make-up removal with the astringent and soothing properties of a tonic. DELICATE MICELLARE MAKE-UP REMOVER, including precious flower extracts and hyaluronic acid in the formula, gives you cleansed, fresh and hydrated skin.

No rinsing needed.


Dermatologically tested.

Black Baccara Rose extract: Antioxidant and astringent properties
Extract of white flowers Centifolia Rose, Jasmine and Daisy: give your skin a silky effect
Hyaluronic acid: maintains elasticity and hydration
Micelles: cleansing molecules that delicately capture dirt

Apply DELICATE MICELLAR MAKE-UP REMOVER to a cotton pad and gently sweep it across your face, eyes and lips, massaging lightly, to remove make-up and rid your pores of toxins.

To remove even the most resistant eye make-up, rest the cotton pads soaked with micellar water on your lids and let them work for a few seconds before moving the pad outward, continuing to gently sweep it across until all the make-up is removed.

The refreshing, hydrating action also makes it perfect to use in the morning before your regular face treatment.

No rinsing needed.