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Kajal pencil and eyeliner

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Long-lasting kajal pencil and eyeliner.

The IRRESISTIBLE EYELINER & KAJAL pencil can be easily applied to the inner and outer lash line with its retractable tip.

The creamy formula releases intense, immediate colour, which can be blended immediately after applying.

The line is precise and long-lasting with its special waterproof composition that resists moisture and sebum.

Deep, irresistible eyes.

IRRESISTIBLE EYELINER & KAJAL comes with a convenient sharpener included in the bottom so you can always have a perfect pencil tip. Available in six colours.


Dermatologically tested.

Vegetable waxes: emollient
Chamomile extracts: soothing 

For intense, deep eyes, apply the pencil along the inner rim of your upper and lower lash line.

To outline your eye, instead, draw a thicker or thinner line following the outer lash line.

You can blend the product immediately after applying.

For a tip that is always perfect and precise, use the sharpener included in the bottom of the pencil.