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Automatic luminous pencil

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Automatic luminous pencil

Long-wearing luminous eye pencil.
The soft, gliding pencil defines your eyes with deep, intense colour.
The line is precise, long-lasting, no-transfer and resistant to rubbing.
The sophisticated pearls contained in the formula give a precious luminosity, perfect for both day and evening.
It is possible to blend the product immediately after applying with the sponge applicator on the bottom of the pencil.
You can extract the sharpener by pulling on the lower end of the pencil, perfect for having a well-defined tip, even on-the-go.

Applicare sul contorno esterno dell’occhio seguendo l’attaccatura delle ciglia. Per un risultato delicato effetto smoky eyes sfumare con l’applicatore incluso prima che il colore si fissi. Temperino integrato nel fondo.