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Volume and curl mascara

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Volume and curl mascara.

The special curved applicator, inspired by professional eyelash curlers, follows the shape of your lashes, lifting them and creating a sublime curl.

The release of product is generous and instant for an extra black result in a single step.

The latest generation formula of MARVELOUS CURL MASCARA, softer and more supple, can be used until you achieve a perfectly defined and seductive result.

Your eyes open up and are swathed in elegance and seduction.


Dermatologically tested.

Vegetable ceramides: protective and strengthening effect
Extra black pigments: ensure coverage and long wear

Clean any excess product from the brush.

Apply the mascara by placing the concave side of the applicator at the base of your lashes and move it up to the tips, trying to lift them and emphasise the curl.

To define the inner and outer corner of your eye, use the tip of the brush.

For an even more intense, seductive look, apply mascara to the lower lashes as well.