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Long-lasting eyeshadow
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Absolute Stay Eyeshadow

Long-lasting eyeshadow

Absolute Stay Eyeshadow

21.50 €
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Long-lasting, waterproof stick eyeshadow
The smooth, creamy formula, with immediate colour release, makes ABSOLUTE STAY EYESHADOW easy to apply and blend.
Once it has dried, the eyeshadow sets and stays all day, for a perfect look without smudges.
Intense, brilliant finish in one step.
ABSOLUTE STAY EYESHADOW has a paraben-free formula and is available in six colours, perfect for any occasion.
Dermatologically tested.
Apply the eyeshadow pencil directly to your eyelid, starting from the lash line, and blend gently with your fingers or a flat brush.
For intense, high-impact make-up, apply the eyeshadow all over your eyelid and wait a few seconds until completely dry.
Practical to use and extremely long-lasting, ABSOLUTE STAY EYESHADOW is perfect for use as a primer for powder eyeshadows.
Cork oak extract: smoothing effect and elasticity.

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