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"Exercise your Beauty" Loyalty Programme
General Terms and Conditions

Welcome to our "Exercise your Beauty" Loyalty Programme

To join our Loyalty Programme, you need to create an account at www.najolearibeauty.com. Register now to start collecting points and to enjoy offers and benefits just for you. Read the full rules for more information.

"Exercise your Beauty" Loyalty Programme Rules

The Naj Oleari Beauty "Exercise your Beauty" Loyalty Programme is a free tool that allows all consumer-customers (natural persons over 18 years of age acting for purposes outside their trade, business, craft or profession) to receive discounts and promotions on future purchases made in our online shop (www.najolearibeauty.com).

To access the programme and earn points, you must register and create an account on www.najolearibeauty.com ("Website") owned and operated by Euroitalia S.r.l. ("Euroitalia"). To register, click here: https://www.najolearibeauty.com/en/customer/account/create/

If you already have an account, log in and redeem your discounts or promotions or purchase your products to start collecting points. To access your account, click here:

How does it work?

Once your account has been created, you will be awarded 50 Cherry Points (loyalty points) as a welcome gift. If you don’t have an account on our website, you can create one here.

If you already have an account on the Website, the Loyalty Programme will be activated automatically – unless you indicate otherwise – and you will be awarded 50 Cherry Points as a welcome gift, which you will find in your account when you log in for the first time.

Remember that in order to earn points you must have a registered account on the Website. In fact, purchases made as a “guest customer” do not earn any points, and consequently do not provide access to discounts or promotions associated with the collection of such points.

For each purchase made on the Website, you will receive a number of Cherry Points. Specifically, you will be credited with 10 points for every €10 spent. No points will be awarded for amounts spent below €10.

For example, if your order total is €50, you will be credited with 50 Cherry Points. But if your order total is €49, the points awarded will be 40.

You can earn double points by purchasing one or more products from the Trending Now category.

The Cherry Points associated with products based on their purchase price and products belonging to the Trending Now category will be appropriately highlighted on the Website’s pages.

This means that the more you buy, the more points you earn and the more discounts you can get to use on www.najolearibeauty.com.
Points can also be earned on discounted products or by using coupons. In this case, points are awarded based on the total amount discounted, according to the rules for each item.

For example, if your shopping cart contains:

  • One product worth €20, for a total of 20 points, and
  • One product worth €100 (belonging to the Trending Now category), for a total of 200 points (100 x 2)

the total order value in the shopping cart will be €120 corresponding to 220 Cherry Points, which will be awarded to you by completing the purchase.

On the other hand, if your cart contains one or more products discounted by 10%, as in the following case:

  • One product worth €20, discounted by 10%, with a final discounted price of €18, for a total of 10 points, and
  • One product worth €100 belonging to the Trending Now category, discounted by 10%, with a final discounted price of €90, for a total of 180 points (90 x 2)

the total order value in the shopping cart will be €108 (instead of €120 - the total without the application of the discount) corresponding to 190 Cherry Points (i.e. 10 + 180), which will be awarded to you by completing the purchase.

We also inform you that the points will only be credited to you when the order is confirmed and payment has been successfully made, as indicated in Article 6.3 of the general terms and conditions of sale that we invite you to read here if you have any questions.

Should you decide to stop participating in the "Exercise your Beauty" Loyalty Programme, you can request the cancellation of your account by contacting our customer service. However, we hereby inform you that in the event of cancellation, the points earned up to that point will be permanently lost and will no longer be recoverable. This means that should you subsequently decide to re-register in the Loyalty Programme, you will not be able to access the points earned with your previous account, nor consequently the loyalty levels accrued and/or the benefits associated therewith.


How long do the points last?

Points expire after 365 days, calculated from the moment the purchase order is confirmed on the Website, as stated above.

Each time a new purchase is made, a “package” of Cherry Points will be credited, which can be used within the specified time period.

This time period is neither comprehensive nor identical for all points earned and does not depend on the first purchase made. Each “package” of Cherry Points earned will have its own expiry related to the date on which the order was paid for. Therefore, once 365 days have elapsed since the purchase, the Cherry Points will no longer be usable and will be automatically deleted.

You can always see your total points earned and their expiry by logging into your account. On product pages, the number of Cherry Points you can earn by purchasing a particular product is specified for each item.
Please also note that in the event of a return (due to withdrawal or for other reasons permitted by the general terms and conditions of sale that you can read here) of all or some of the products purchased in a single order, the points used to make that order will not be credited back to you. Conversely, the points earned with the order for which a total or partial return is made will be duly credited, as stated above.

Remember that your point balance is updated when the processing of the order is complete and that points earned can never be converted into money.

Invite a friend

If you promote the "Exercise your Beauty” Loyalty Programme by sending your friends an invitation to sign up using the link you find directly within your account you will receive 25 Cherry Points for each one who registers on the www.najolearibeauty.com Website and joins the Loyalty Programme.

Remember that in order for you to receive these points it’s not necessary for your friends to make a purchase, but only to register and join the Loyalty Programme on the Website. As soon as your friends make their first purchase with the same account used during registration, you will automatically earn an additional 25 Cherry Points.

Make sure your friends register by clicking on the link you sent (and not by typing or searching for Naj Oleari Beauty in their browsers). Points will only be credited to your account if the registration and/or subsequent purchase takes place starting from the link you sent.

The points thus earned can be viewed within your account in the Loyalty Programme transaction history section together with the other points earned previously. Note that this section only shows the last 10 transactions.


How can I use the points?

You can use the points earned immediately. You will automatically find usable points in your customer account, shopping cart and checkout.

100 points equal a €2 discount. The discount does not apply to fractions of euros.

You can redeem 100, 250 or 500 points per order. Points can be redeemed on orders of at least €39 (excluding shipping costs).

Unless otherwise stated, you can redeem points, buy discounted products or use coupons at the same time. However, note that discount codes can never be combined with other discount codes.

How do loyalty levels work?

The greater the number of points earned, the greater the benefits.

The points earned give you access to loyalty or status levels according to a progressive logic: when you reach the points associated with each level you will be able to enjoy the corresponding benefits throughout the duration of your membership in the "Exercise your Beauty" Loyalty Programme, as indicated below:


Points Level Benefit
0-149 points Beauty Lover 10% discount
150-349 points Beauty Addicted 15% discount
350-499 points Beauty Princess 20% discount
500+ points Beauty Queen 25% discount


The achievement of loyalty levels is based on the total number of points earned over time and is therefore not related to spent or expired points.

Using points to benefit from discounts does not affect the loyalty level achieved. For example, once 150 points have been earned and the Beauty Addicted level has been unlocked, the benefits linked to that level will remain unchanged forever and will not be lost. This way, increasing the amount of points earned allows you to progress to the next loyalty levels, up to the highest level of Beauty Queen. Please note that “forever” means that you will be able to use the discount code for your level for the duration of the Loyalty Programme.

The points and loyalty levels earned, as well as their related benefits, are and should be understood as strictly personal and not transferable to third parties.


Changes and modifications

These general terms and conditions may be amended or modified in whole or in part at any time. Any modifications or changes will be published on the Website (www.najolearibeauty.com) and appropriate notice will be given, including by means of appropriate disclaimers.

Any modifications or changes shall be valid and applicable from the date of their publication. In some cases the changes may be communicated by email.

No modification or change of these general terms and conditions, including expressly the cancellation of the Loyalty Programme for any reason whatsoever or the cancellation of the registration therewith by the customer/user, shall entitle the customer/user to any indemnity or payment whatsoever.

Euroitalia is exempt from any liability for any direct or indirect consequences arising from any malfunction of the Loyalty Programme, whatever the cause. Euroitalia will naturally make every effort to ensure that the customer/user retains all the benefits associated with the points earned in the event of an anomaly.

These general terms and conditions of use are governed by Italian law.



To unsubscribe from the Loyalty Programme or for any support related thereto please contact our customer service department via the electronic form on the Contact Us page of the www.najolearibeauty.com Website.