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Brightening face drops
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Bright Potion Highlighter

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Brightening face drops

Brightening drops to enhance your complexion.
A light «potion», a brightening elixir that sculpts your face with a new contouring concept that enhances your features and gives your face a fresh feel.
The light, fluid texture of BRIGHT POTION HIGHLIGHTER blends on contact, creating a veil of luminosity that dries quickly and feels comfortable on your skin, without stickiness.
Spherical powders with diamond centres reflect the natural light, visibly filling fine lines and imperfections and giving the feeling of relaxed, smooth skin.
A special oil with emollient properties offers a brand new sensation while the volatile ingredients guarantee a luminous result that is long-lasting.
The high concentration of thin metallic pearls means you only need a few drops of this product to create a sophisticated, radiant look.
It can be applied directly to create points of light or mixed with cream or foundation for a natural glowy effect.
Dermatologically tested.
To create points of light, apply a drop OF BRIGHT POTION HIGHLIGHTER directly on the desired area and blend.
For a natural-looking, luminous face, mix a few drops with your foundation, primer or moisturiser.
For a glowylook and velvety, luminous skin, apply the product down to your neck and décolletage.
Shake before use.
Luxurious oils which soften and hydrate the skin.
Spherical powders with diamond centres that reflect the natural light, visibly filling fine lines and imperfections.
Volatile ingredientsto guarantee longwear