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2-in-1 glitter eyeliner and mascara
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Sparkling Queen Mascaliner

2-in-1 glitter eyeliner and mascara

Sparkling Queen Mascaliner

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2-in-1 glitter eyeliner and mascara.
The gel formula is rich in light-reflecting macro pearls to brighten your eyes with magical reflections.
The brush applicator allows you to draw a perfect line like an eyeliner, to be used on its own or as a top coat over eyeshadows or pencils.
The special screw brush, on the other hand, allows you to use it on your lashes, on top of your regular mascara, for wonderfully glimmering eyes, or on your brows for a modern, sophisticated effect.
SPARKLING QUEEN MASCALINER is easy to use even for less skilled hands, it dries quickly after applying, guaranteeing long wear, without smudges.
Dermatologically tested.
Use the brush tip to apply like an eyeliner near the lash line, for a luminous, sophisticated effect.
For even more intense, brilliant eyes, you can use it on top of eyeshadows and pencils.
The innovative screw applicator also allows you to use it on top of your regular mascara for wonderfully glimmering eyelashes, or on your brows for touch of glamour.
Water-based gel: extremely long wear
Light-reflecting macro pearls: wonderfully glimmering eyes

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