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Full coverage concealer
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Ultimate Cover Concealer

18.00 €

Full coverage concealer


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Full coverage cream compact concealer to naturally conceal dark circles, blemishes and imperfections.
ULTIMATE COVER CONCEALER has a dense yet incredibly lightweight texture and is easy to apply and blend.
Perfect hold and a high percentage of pigments keep the result all day, without drying.
The strictly paraben-free formula is available in four colours to suit different skin types. The green colour is ideal to conceal redness and signs of facial erythrosis.
Dermatologically tested.
To achieve a more natural effect, apply ULTIMATE COVER CONCEALER before your foundation, directly on the area you want to cover, using a flat brush like the Naj Oleari Eye Brush or by tapping with your fingertip.
Apply the product a little at a time, making sure to blend the edges carefully, until you achieve the desired coverage.
ULTIMATE COVER CONCEALER, with the exception of the green colour, can also be used after your foundation and before your powder to correct noticeable imperfections.
Soft focus diamond microspheres: these microparticles reflect natural light minimising the visibility of fine lines and imperfections, for a smooth and brightening effect