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Sugar Lip Scrub


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A gentle, effective scrub that exfoliates the lips, leaving them soft and smooth and revealing their natural beauty.

The sweet sugar crystals systematic action of SUGAR LIP SCRUB gently removes dead skin, promoting oxygenation and regeneration of the tissue.

At the same time, the velvety blend of shea butter and vitamins E and C helps keep the lips soft and supple. The lips are enveloped in a thin protective layer imparting a sensation of total comfort.

In stick format for handy, fuss-free application.

Delicately scented with vanilla.

Dermatologically tested.

Sugar crystals: gently exfoliate the lips, efficiently remove dead skin and help the regeneration of the tissue
Blend of shea butter and vitamins E and C : keep the lips soft and supple thanks to their emollient action and ability to reduce the transepidermal water 

Use the scrub twice a week, applying it directly onto the lips in a circular motion.

Massage the lips by gently rolling them together to remove dead skin cells and stimulate regeneration.

Remove excess sugar with a tissue if necessary, or allow it to dissolve completely on the lips.

Finish off with a lip balm such as Tender Glow Lip Balm, or your favourite lipstick.