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Long-lasting lip pencil

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Long-lasting lip pencil with a precise, gliding line, allows you to outline the lip line easily without smudges.

The ultra pigmented formula gives full, intense colour, for perfectly drawn and defined lips. PERFECT SHAPE LIP PENCIL does not use transfer technology, which guarantees that it is long wearing and waterproof. The product is rich in vegetable waxes and hydrates the lips, leaving an extremely pleasant sensation.

Available in six colours that perfectly combine with the Naj Oleari range of lipsticks. The long-lasting PERFECT SHAPE LIP PENCIL does not contain parabens.

Dermatologically tested.

Vegetable waxes to increase lips’ suppleness, tone and hydration
Innovative polymers that improve hold and wear     
Soothing, emollient extracts

Apply Perfect Shape Lip Pencil starting from the Cupid’s bow and outlining the upper lip with a continuous, thin line. Repeat on the lower lip starting from the outer corner towards the centre. Then blend lightly inwards before applying your lipstick.